Burning [M]eats Seven_04.17.13

Lucy and Joe spoiled us with some southern comfort! We all were in a food coma for sure after this meal.  On the menu was: coleslaw, cornbread, buffalo mac 'n' cheese, pulled pork, baked beans, and delicious dessert: pie and gingerbread cookies!

burning poster 7

Burning [M]eats Six_04.09.13

Fonzi prepared this Domincan delicacy.   Her and her mom supplied us with a surplus of deliciousness when we needed it the most.  Today is tuesday.. and we present our final thesis projects on Saturday, April 13. YIKES! let's eat!

Burning [M]eats Five_04.05.13

Tonight was vegetarian night! Iga, Noelle, and Sinead delicately prepared an extensive menu which included: mushroom and spinach quiche, hummus and mixed veggies, avocado fries, tofu burgers with cucumbers, tomatoes, and a special sauce, and last but not least, a cauliflower mac 'n' cheese. everything was outstanding, and surprisingly, I was stuffed at the end of this healthy extravaganza.  To top it off, they infused water with cucumbers, lemons, and limes, providing us with a nice refreshing drink throughout dinner. Props to the chefs.. they got the veggie thing down!

burning poster 5

Burning [M]eats Three_3.29.13

And this was my turn.

Together, Erblin, Sam and I prepared a huge breakfast 4 dinner celebration, with customized breakfast faces for each member in attendance.  There were about fifteen of us for tonight's dinner.  Some faces were more accurate than others, but overall, the combination of great food and good laughs sent us quickly into naptime. 

dinner menu:

eggs, hashbrowns, buttermilk pancakes, fruit salad, cereal, chocolate milk, mimosas, assorted fruits

burning poster 3

Burning [M]eats One_3.22.13

This email initiated the tradition that we hope to establish:

Hi evvvvvvverybody,

We are initiating a family dinner for the rest of the year happening on Tuesday and Friday nights. The first dinner will take place this Friday at 7pm. Bao, Steven and I will be cooking for the inaugural feast and then three other people will take over for the following dinner.  

If there is anyone we missed and you think will want to participate (is going to cry about being left out) (JK) let us know accordingly. We invited +25 people and thats a lot of  food.

This is a cycle people! That means that three badass peeps are going to step up and cook the next meal! MAKE THAT BADASS YOU!

Please RSVP by tomorrow night so that we know how many people to make food for. 


Needless to say, this was a success. The architecture resource room completely transformed into a asian paradise, accompanied by various platters of rice, egg rolls, crab rangoon, and a delicious stir fry.  Three of my classmates, JT, Bao, and Steven, served us multiple courses, as we dined in the relaxing mood-lighting radiating from the christmas lights strung around the room.